DryCycle MKVIII Front 3 Quarters View

DryCycle Mark VIII

Cycle Dry, Safe, with Power Assist, Always Enjoy Your Ride!

The Mark VIII DryCycle is our finished product, ready for you to Buy and Enjoy Now! 

After almost 4 years of development.


Crash and Endurance tested at Millbrook Proving Grounds, Highly Specified with the best quality components throughout.


Designed, Engineered, Manufactured and sold right here in England.

DryCycle MKVIII Rear 3 Quarters View

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All the comforts of a car, but legally able to use Cycle Paths as well as the Road.

Comfy Padded Car Seat

Probably the most comfortable seat in the cycling world, our OMP car seats have been professionally modified with sculpted foam to suit the recumbent cycling position


Optional Integrated Seat Heating is also available which is placed within both the base and the backrest of the seat and offers two different levels of heat. Perfect for those cold winter mornings

Dual Air Heaters /


As standard all DryCycles come with two Air Heater / Fans. On a warm day they can be used in the fan function to keep a light breeze flowing through the cabin even at a standstill to keep you cool and your windscreen clear from misting up. On cooler days they can be switched to blow hot air to warm the inside of the cabin


Optional side mirror and handlebar heaters are also available

Block the Sun and clear the rain

Amongst the optional extras packs on a DryCycle you'll find other creature comforts, such as the sunglasses holder and sun visors to help block out the glare from the sun


The optional windscreen wiper will also help to clear water away from your screen more quickly, though all DryCycles come with Automotive Grade ENXYZ hard coated polycarbonate throughout the canopy that is hygrophobic and repels water

Professional Security System

All DryCycles feature an alarm/remote locking system from the UK's leading car alarm manufacturer, Scorpion.

This allows the user to arm/disarm the system remotely, and upon unlocking with the fob the canopy automatically raises up to allow entry to your DryCycle in style


An optional GPS tracker is also available which includes the first 12 months subscription to the service. 

Have fun whilst going around the Traffic with your DryCycle

Engineered for Fun!

DryCycles have suspension on all 4 wheels, using adjustable oil damped sprung suspension units to achieve the most compliant and predictable ride.

Through years of development we've also made a vehicle that handles well, with the linked rear suspension units adding stability through the corners, and the Ackermann geometry and rear differential removing scrub through the wheels whilst cornering.

We could bore you all day with talk of the low rolling resistance tyres, multiple computer stress analyses we carried out, jigs we designed to make finer tolerances and a smoother rattle-less ride, but ultimately the only way to find out how well a DryCycle rides, is to ride a DryCycle, so we encourage you to come and give it a test ride, we're sure you'll enjoy it!

Why Don't Most People Cycle Often?

DryCycle Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle

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