Our DryCycle is a fun alternative to a car for your commute or just for popping down the shops. Get exercise whilst you travel, save time by cutting through traffic and using cycle lanes, and unlike a bicycle you'll never need to check the weather forecast to see if you'll be getting soaked on your way home!


With it's unique, crash and endurablility tested framework and bodywork, the DryCycle will keep you protected from more than just the elements, and has a full complement of LED lights and reflectors to ensure you always get seen by other road users. The DryCycle is also the ONLY road legal enclosed pedal cycle that you can use at night time, as the pedal reflectors can be seen to the front and rear of the vehicle, as is legally required in the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations.


The DryCycle also meets all other legal requirements to be used on the road, cycle paths, and bus lanes (where the cycle symbol is shown on bus lane signs), and since the DryCycle is classified as a pedal cycle there is no legal requirement to tax, license or insure the vehicle.


All DryCycles feature a Scorpion Alarm system, with internal sensors to detect and set off the alarm in case of break ins, but with it's strong Polycarbonate canopy and remotely activated locks, breaking in is no easy matter anyway. You can also lock your DryCycle to cycle racks or railings using a chain or similar through our stylish 'air intake' locking point to secure the vehicle itself. For extra piece of mind you can also purchase an optional Thatcham approved GPS tracking system.


The DryCycle's low rolling resistance, puncture and speed rated tyres will ensure you get to your destination with as little effort as possible, whilst the Shimano motor and Di2 gear system ensures you can keep your ideal cadence at every speed. The rear differential makes putting down power through the corners a breeze and the full suspension and comfortable seat make every journey comfortable. 


Fitted as standard with two USB chargers and a Cigarette style socket on the dashboard, charging your phone or running other electronics is always simple and you can easily mount them to the handlebars on the dashboard. Whilst the two standard 150 watt air heaters/fans will keep you warm in winter and direct fresh air into the cabin even when the vehicle is stationary. 


Our Standard DryCycle is already exceptionally well equipped and comes with a 2 year warranty, but if you'd like to add even more luxury to your ride, then check out our options section on this page.


Available for collection in Winter 2020/21.


DryCycle Mark VIII

  • Sunglasses Holder and Heated Handlebars



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