Freed from the needs of





No need to bend over backwards in a DryCycle for you to get out on the open road, or better yet, cycle path!

Since a DryCycle is legally an Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle (EAPC) you don't need to have any of the following:


Though given the cost of cycle insurance you may still want to consider that.


For example if you join the cycling club, Cycling UK, for just £48 per year (at time of writing) for a Full Adult Membership then you'll be covered by their third party coverage, just click the logo below to find out more.

  • A license to ride it - you just need to be over 14 years old. 

  • Vehicle Registration

  • Vehicle Excise Duty (commonly, but wrongly, called road tax)

  • Vehicle Insurance

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Of course other insurers and indeed cycling clubs are available so we encourage you to shop around, but we have taken the time to ensure that a DryCycle would indeed be covered by Cycling UK's policy, and they even modified their policy wording so that it became suitable for our four wheeled vehicle, which was awfully nice of them, so we're happy to give you this link to their website for your consideration.

So, with just the 250 watts legal limit motor, in order to be classified as an EAPC, and a weight of about 160kg to give you a comfortable and crash protected vehicle, you might be wondering if a DryCycle will make it up hills?

We took on Swains Lane, one of the steepest hills in London, and usually home to the Annual Urban Hill Climb cycling event in order to show you.

Pedal Powered alternative to a Tesla.JPG
Pedal Dome Icon.png

Well, we love cool trainers, and like to proudly display them.... well that's true, but actually, we did an awful lot of reading up on the laws to make sure we designed a vehicle that would be road legal for our customers here in England and Wales. One law affecting the legality of pedal cycles is the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations (RVLR), which governs what lights and reflectors must be fitted on each type of road vehicle. 

The RVLR requires that pedal cycles be fitted with pedal reflectors that are clearly visible to the front and rear of the vehicle between the hours of sunset and sunrise, so unlike any other enclosed pedal cycle on the market we actually incorporated this requirement into our design as we don't want our customers getting fined or having their vehicles confiscated by the police. So that's why our DryCycle, uniquely, to the best of our knowledge, has clear pedal domes so that the reflectors can be seen on the elongated pedals to the front and rear of the vehicle at night time. 

It also makes it very clear to any onlookers that you're actually pedaling inside the vehicle, which we think is great, as it means fellow cyclists realise that you're also cycling, and not someone who's trying out a motorised quadbike on a cycle path!