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29/09/20 - Newsletter

Welcome Back!

The Mark VIII - Now in White! -  We also gave our logo and website a spruce up!

Following lockdown and the strange few months that have followed, we are pleased to announce that DryCycle Ltd is firmly back to business and making excellent progress on the production of our first batch of DryCycles!

The forming of our plastic body panels is well underway to compliment the work carried out by our welding specialists who have provided us with our first completed frames, now ready to fit the necessary components that will finish off these vehicles.

Meanwhile, we have scheduled a further round of Crash Testing at Millbrook Proving Ground and look forward to being able to share the results with you very soon… watch this space!

It’s been a while since we have been able to share any of our news, so I am very pleased to enclose some pictures of our vehicles at their ‘rudimentary stage’ ….Each one ready and waiting for customization to refine/transform them into DryCycles ….available for use on the cycle paths and roads this winter!

Now more than ever during this time of uncertainty around the pandemic, we should consider our wellbeing and do all that we can to improve our mental as well as physical health.


Using your daily commute to work as a means of exercise in a DryCycle is the perfect way to achieve a positive change to your lifestyle.Cycling can be built into your daily life without having to make too many changes to your routine and can be done so in the warm and dry cabin of a DryCycle during the coming winter months.


Swapping the tedious commute for cycling to and from work will result in a much lower risk of feeling stressed as regular exercise can help keep you healthy both in body and mind. Cycling is low impact, therefore suitable for almost anyone willing to give it a try, no matter what your ability or fitness level.  Aerobic exercise, running or cycling can help reduce feelings of anxiety and gets you out and about!


The rewards of course, can be both financial and healthy. Owning a DryCycle deems a gym membership unnecessary and you will also notice that after time, your levels of stress have reduced and fitness increased.  It’s been proven that regular exercise enhances memory and creative thinking…greatly improving your overall mood and wellbeing.


To buy your DryCycle click here.


If you’d like to arrange a Test Ride from the beginning of November onwards click here

Cycle Dry, Safe, with Power Assist, Always Enjoy Your Ride!

Due to Covid-19, DryCycle Ltd stopped Newsletters for a time

Heading 1

Heading 1

21/02/20 - Newsletter

Exterior Design Complete

Say hello to the Production DryCycle! - the Mark VIII

We've finalised the exterior, and the vast majority of the interior design now (just missing the motor cover), took a little longer than hoped, but well worth the wait we think!


There's a long list of improvements that we've made, just some of which are:

  • We streamlined and lowered the Canopy 

  • Fitted larger mirrors for an improved rear view, and to offer a heated mirror option (useful in the winter)

  • Added 'side air inlets' which are actually holes that you can put a chain through to lock the DryCycle body and framework securely to a fixed bicycle stand or similar

  • Added wheel linings that can be replaced as they wear out, rather than having to replace bodywork plastic wearing out from road debris around the wheels

  • Changed the underneath cover to be a single part rather than two, for ease of access for maintenance and give more complete coverage, and also added two access panels to the front undertray

  • Recessed the front lights to reduce light spillage within the cabin, as it reflects on the canopy at night and was distracting, there is still some, but this is on purpose as it is like foot well lighting in a car

  • Added sun visors and a sunglasses holder as options for the canopy

  • Reduced the size of the pedal domes for a smoother look

  • Increased ground clearance and increased suspension travel for a smoother ride


Whilst we've been doing this of course we've continued to work on the framework of the first 5 vehicles, so here's a couple of updated photos of those as well.

We look forward to having the first 5 vehicles ready for the end of April. Reserve your DryCycle @

Cycle Dry, Safe, with Power Assist, Always Enjoy Your Ride!

31/01/20 - Newsletter

Welding In Progress

Update on our first 5 production vehicles

We’ve hit the ground running here at DryCycle in 2020, and January has been a tremendously productive month. 

We have welded together 5 new DryCycle Chassis and are ready now to start on the aluminium tube bending work that makes up the crash protection structure.

And we've finalised the design of the DryCycle for production, details of this will follow in our next Newsletter. 

We’d also like to give you the opportunity to view the wealth of high quality components we use to make the DryCycle.  Please see the short video below which shows just some of the stock we've got in for our first 25 vehicles.

Heading 1

We start the year as we mean to go on and look ahead to the completion of our first batch of DryCycles, reserve yours here Reserve Now

Cycle Dry, Safe, with Power Assist, Always Enjoy Your Ride!

06/01/20 - Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at DryCycle!

Heading 1

We hope all our subscribers have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

We had several celebrations and far too much food and drink, so we're raring to kick the New Year off with our resolutions to exercise more and gorge a little less :)

Of course a DryCycle is a wonderful way to get more exercise every day on your way to and from work.

 We are running a little behind on our production schedule compared to our hopes of having the first batch ready for delivery by the end of 2019, but we're keeping in close contact with all our reservation holders to keep them informed of our progress, and for any new reservations placed we're confident that we will have the vehicles ready for March/April 2020.

We have also booked to exhibit at Spezi in Germersheim, Germany in April 2020, and will be taking 3 vehicles there to demonstrate and sell.

In May we'll also be attending the London E-bike festival in Battersea, with yet more opportunities for test rides and DryCycles for sale. Hopefully you can see us there if not before.

Wishing you all a Prosperous and Healthy New Year!

Cycle Dry, Safe, with Power Assist, Always Enjoy Your Ride!

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12/12/19- Newsletter

Center Parcs Elveden

Enjoying The Christmas Lights at Elveden Center Parcs

As Christmas draws near, we're continuing to work hard on our production vehicles during the weeks, but last weekend we had the opportunity to join our Lead Engineer and his family at Elveden Center Parcs and jumped at the chance for a day trip out.

Elveden Forest was beautifully lit up with 'icicles' from the trees and our DryCycle lighting up the cycle path.  If you'd like to see more of our photos at Elveden, you can see them in our gallery here 

Cycle Dry, Safe, with Power Assist, Always Enjoy Your Ride!

22/11/19 - Newsletter

Windscreen Wiper System 

Is this the only pedal cycle with a windscreen wiper? We think so :)

We had a few minutes today to put together a quick video to show off our windscreen wiper system on our prototype DryCycle*.

This will be an optional extra on our production model available to existing and new reservation holders, price to be confirmed soon.

It's electrically operated using a switch on the left hand steering lever, and a push button on the right hand steering lever operates the twin washer nozzles!

With a 1.2 litre washer bottle you can store plenty of washer fluid to quickly clear the screen if it gets splashed by road muck as you're cycling along.

*Please note the polycarbonate canopy on this Drycycle does not have the hydrophobic coating on it, so the water is not beading off as quickly as it would on a production quality Drycycle.

Cycle Dry, Safe, with Power Assist, Always Enjoy Your Ride!

15/11/19 - Newsletter

London Calling

John Williams, from Velo-Ads YouTube channel reviewed our DryCycle in his hometown of London, take a look!

Following on from his short review of the DryCycle at the end of the NEC Cycle Show, Andy took a DryCycle down to London for John to try out in his own back yard.

It was a cold but sunny Sunday, the heated handlebars were left on, and John had even dressed the part, donning a suit for his 'ride to work'. John took the DryCycle alongside the Thames up to Parliament  and took advantage of some of the many cycle paths in London.

Click on the video above to see what he thought of it.

Our thanks to John for taking time out of his weekend to give his review on our DryCycle.


John's a very experienced velomobile rider with both a Quest and a Quattrovelo in his stable, so it was great to hear such positive feedback from him! We hope to see him again soon once the first production vehicles are ready for more fun in London!


Reserve Now to get your DryCycle Ealry 2020.

Cycle Dry, Safe, with Power Assist, Always Enjoy Your Ride!

04/11/19 - Newsletter

DryCycle reviewed by

Richard Peace, an experienced bicycle journalist from riding a DryCycle in Milton Keynes

We recently dropped off a DryCycle to Richard for a day to try out in Milton Keynes.

Richard test drove the DryCycle along the Milton Keynes Redways (a network of over 168 miles of safe cycle paths, generally surfaced with red tarmac).

He thoroughly enjoyed the experience and has provided his comprehensive review here

Thanks Richard, we are so delighted that you were able to experience the DryCycle first hand and look forward to keeping you up to date with all of our news!


Reserve Now to get your DryCycle for this winter.

Cycle Dry, Safe, with Power Assist, Always Enjoy Your Ride!

15/10/19 - Newsletter

Heading 1

Video Review by John Williams 

Thank you to John Williams of Velo-Ads for featuring DryCycle in his latest Youtube video! Click on the video above to see what he thought of it.

Autumn is now officially upon us therefore you’re probably having to consider leaving your bike at home and relying on the car, train or bus. However with the fully enclosed DryCycle protecting you from weather and road muck it's no longer necessary for our delightful British weather to dictate which mode of transport you use for your daily commute.  A DryCycle can be your chosen method of transport whatever the weather!


Reserve Now to get your DryCycle in time for this winter.

Production Update


We're continuing to buy in stock for the first batch, we're down to ordering in the little pieces like nuts and bolts now as everything larger has already come in (with the exception of the frames and plastic panels).


The frames will start in production very soon as we are putting the final parts onto the jigs needed to make them, the jigs should be done by the end of next week - there's quite a few of them, to ensure the parts are all made within tight tolerances. The final panel design is our priority as soon as these jigs are done.


As we wait for a few more parts to come in we're taking the opportunity to organise our workshop and build benches so that we're ready to begin work on the sub-assemblies as they come in, and tidying up our stores room by adding additional shelving as more stock continues to arrive.

Center Parcs


We are planning to take a DryCycle to Woburn Center Parcs this weekend, mainly as a quick break away, but I'm sure we'll attract some attention with our DryCycle, so if you happen to be there and see Andy riding around, do stop him and say hello!

Cycle Dry, Safe, with Power Assist, Always Enjoy Your Ride!

08/10/19 - Insurance with Cycling UK Membership

Since being featured by Cycling UK in their '5 things to check out at the Cycle Show 2019' video (see news section from 22/09/19) we've been in contact with them to see if our customers could take advantage of the great insurance cover that comes with being a member of Cycling UK.

We're very pleased to say that the team at Cycling UK were fantastically helpful and have quickly updated their insurance guidelines on their website to include 'quadracycles'!!!

So now anyone buying a DryCycle and looking for third party insurance cover can easily get it by simply joining up with Cycling UK to take advantage of this great cover and for very reasonable membership rates - Just £48 per year for a Full Adult Membership (at time of writing). Of course there are plenty of other advantages to joining Cycling UK which you can find out about on their website, just click the link below.

Cycling UK Logo.png

We're also in contact with insurance companies in order to find cover for both yourself and your DryCycle in the unfortunate event of an accident, and will let you know once we've found insurance for this as well.

22/09/19 - Electric Bike Report

We were delighted to meet up with Richard Peace at the Cycle Show last weekend.

Richard represents a number of Youtube channels and other organisations in the UK, including

Richard was able to take a short test ride of the DryCycle that we took to the show and was clearly impressed with it, featuring it at the top of his Cycle Show report, which you can find here.

Thank you very much to Richard for taking the time to come and see us at the show, and we're hoping to organise a longer test ride with him soon so that he can more fully review the DryCycle, so keep a look out for that in the near future.

22/09/19 - Cycling UK Video

Many thanks to Dan Joyce and his team from Cycling UK, the National Cycling Charity that has championed cycling for over 140 years, for featuring us in their ‘5 things to check out at the Cycle Show 2019’ video on Youtube.

They were exceptionally quick at getting their video out on the first day of the show and we had several people who saw the video come to our stand to check our DryCycles out. You can watch the video below, we're featured at 1:15.

So, we wanted to repay the favour by putting a link to Cycling UK’s homepage

It's well worth a visit, and do check out their membership benefits, which could well make the membership cost pay for itself.

We’re also hoping to be featured in an upcoming edition of their members magazine so look out for us there too!

22/09/19 -  Newsletter

Night Rider

Low Beam

High Beam

As the nights start to draw in earlier we've been doing some riding around at night time recently and wanted to show you how good our lights are.


Above you can see the difference between our low and high beam settings.


You can also see how the lamps spread the light out sideways, rather than up into the sky or dazzling oncoming drivers and riders.


Check out the gallery on our web-site for more night time pictures of the DryCycle from all angles.


For those of you who saw us at the Fully Charged Live Show in June this year you may notice on our web-site that we've changed the rear lights since that show. Our upgraded lights not only look better but are also now reliable (we had a few failed LEDs at Fully Charged Live).


Rest assured that they still have dynamic indicators that sweep sideways when indicating, as this was a cool feature we wanted to keep. Another benefit of the new rear lights is that they are far brighter than before. The reversing lights are now very effective at lighting up the space behind the DryCycle when reversing at night time, and we've added a third 'high level' brake light for extra visibility when braking. We'll also be swapping out the front indicators on the production model for reliable LED indicators (still dynamic) from the same supplier.


Cycle Dry, Safe, with Power Assist, Always Enjoy Your Ride!

17/09/19 - Newsletter

Cycle Show 2019 Test Rides

Thanks to everyone who visited our Stand - see if you featured in our video below!

Thanks to everyone who visited our Stand - see if you featured in our video below!


We had a great response at the Cycle Show at the NEC, thanks to everyone who visited our stand! The camaraderie from all the other exhibitors was great too, shame we were driving back each night to Bedford!


Here's our video of test rides that took place on the E-bike course, just outside of the commuter zone at the show.


As always we're continuing to work extremely hard on getting our first 25 vehicles made before Winter 2019, so we're a little late in getting this video up, but hopefully you'll enjoy it and tell family and friends that there is now another fun option for commuting and short distances across cities and towns.


Cycle Dry, Safe, with Power Assist, Always Enjoy Your Ride!

04/09/19 -  Newsletter

Safety Crash Tests

See our crash tests at 10,000 frames per second in our video below

We've Crash Tested our Vehicles so you don’t have to be the Dummy!

A critical part of crash testing is evaluating the risk of Head Injury.

Head Injury Criteria (HIC) is a calculation used by all major crash testing organisations.

A HIC₁₅ number of 700 is the pass/fail threshold in car crash tests conducted by EuroNCAP, NHTSA, and IIHS for the parts of those tests which relate to Head Injuries.


Numbers below 700 pass the element of the crash test concerned with Head Injuries, numbers above 700 fail.


A score of 700, is estimated to represent a 5% risk of a severe injury, which is an injury of 4+ on the Abbreviated Injury Scale (Mertz et al., 1997) (Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, 1990)


Our crash tests showed the following:

The HIC₁₅ number for the DryCycle in the Frontal Full Width impact at 15.5mph was only 29.59

The HIC₁₅ number for the DryCycle in the Side Impact at 20mph was only 124.86


It's clear that both these results for DryCycle fall far below the 700 threshold, so the risk of severe head injury in the accident scenarios we tested is extremely low.


Of course the majority of cars pass the Head Injury Criteria as well, and do so at higher impact speeds (40 & 30mph), but the numbers those cars score out of 700 are not reported, so it is hard to offer a comparison to individual cars on this criteria.^


We can however compare this to bicycles:

The HIC number for a crash test dummy wearing a Cycling Helmet on a Bicycle in a Front Impact at 12mph was 707 *ꭞ

The HIC₁₅ number for a crash test dummy on a Bicycle in a Side Impact at 25mph was 753 *

Cycle Dry, Safe, with Power Assist, Always Enjoy Your Ride!

*The speeds of these impacts are different to ours, as no standards for crash testing bicycles exists, but they are at least close in speed to our own, their side impact is 5mph faster than ours, whereas their front impact is 3.5mph slower.

ꭞThis is a HIC number and not a HIC₁₅ number, as it is from an older test. At the time HIC numbers were used the pass/fail threshold was set at 1000, rather than 700, as HIC numbers are typically higher than HIC₁₅ numbers.


The HIC₁₅ and HIC numbers for the bicycle crash tests are from the following two reports:


^ There are other differences between car crash tests and our own. We’ll use EuroNCAP to illustrate this as we are UK based. EuroNCAP crash tests differ from ours most notably due to:

  • The DryCycle crash speeds (at 15.5mph and 20mph) are below that of the EuroNCAP crash speeds (at 31mph (50kph) each).

  • The Frontal Full Width Impact in EuroNCAP is into a solid concrete block rather than the side of a car.

  • The Side Impact is done using a deformable barrier mounted to a ‘sled’ impactor. We used an actual car as deformable barriers cost more.

15/06/19 - Our First Newsletter

Thanks for visiting our stand at Fully Charged Live 2019!

Well, this is our first Newletter having launched our Fully Enclosed Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle, the DryCycle MKVII, at the Fully Charged Live Show last weekend, it was a fantastically busy show and all the feedback we got was positive!


Thank you for signing up to our Newsletter at our stand and hopefully you'll find our Newsletters interesting and informative.

Back at Work!


We came back from the show buoyed up by the support we received. Everyone was positive about our DryCycles and that encouragement is certainly reassuring as we continue to invest and take the next stages in bringing our product to market.


Since getting back we've visited a potential supplier for the plastic panels that the vehicle needs. We'd already been in contact with them for several months prior to the show and are continuing negotiations with both them and alternative suppliers to find the best solution. We're confident that whoever we move forward with will bring the level of quality that we're looking for in our panels and joints, as they will be using aluminium moulds and more up to date vacuum forming equipment than our prototypes have.


But whilst we're looking towards production with the panels, in the meantime we've continued to mould our own panels using the 30+ MDF moulds that we've developed already (pictured above). This is so that we can make a second complete pre-production prototype using one of our other existing 3 frameworks. Once this second prototype is complete we will have the vehicles that we need for crash testing.


We're now looking to finalise the dates for the crash tests and will send out another Newsletter once these have been done to let you know the results. All being well they should be completed by end of July, if not before, though this does depend upon the test labs availability, and if we hit any unforeseen issues in building our second prototype.


Stock for the first 25 production vehicles continues to come in. So far we already have all the components from Shimano (motors, batteries, gears etc.) and the seats. The rest of the running gear including wheels, differential, and axles etc are due in to us towards the end of this month. Beyond that it's mainly frameworks and body panels still to go, we're confident that the crash tests will go well, but regardless of how the crash tests go we will release the videos anyway as we want potential customers to be well informed.


We're also exploring other options for the external lights of the DryCycle, as these were some of the last parts that were fitted to the prototype prior to the show and we think we can do better. Samples have been ordered from other suppliers and we're waiting for those to come in. So expect a redesign for the back of the vehicle, our intention is to make it more streamlined and have better quality lights, as some LEDs failed on the prototype.


So, basically we're just going to keep pressing ahead with our plan to get everything tested and in place ready for the first 25 vehicles to be completed by the end of this year.


We've updated the gallery page on our web-site, so check out the photos as well as a short video of the test rides.


Andy Murphy, the Company owner, is currently using the completed DryCycle, that you saw at the show, for his commute to work and back as well as local trips, it has been functioning very well, and we'll upload videos on our web-site of this once we manage to edit them together.


To finish with we thought we'd also show you a quick photo of some of our prototypes below, we arranged them quickly when we got back this week as we had an impromptu visit from a local school, Bedford Academy, and were able to show the students some of our design processes. The wooden mock-up on the left helped set the ergonomics of the vehicle and the metal framework next to it is the Mark V, which is one of our earlier designs before we switched to round tubing for the metalwork surrounding the rider due to safety.


Thanks again for subscribing, we look forward to keeping in touch!



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