Guarantee Details

DryCycle Ltd. (“the Guarantor”) hereby guarantees all the components of the DryCycle against manufacturing defects that cause those and/or other components to fail (wear and tear is not covered) for a period of twelve months from the first date of delivery.


Covered is the cost of re-supplying an identical or comparable component to replace a component that is proven to have failed as a result of manufacturing defects. This includes the fitment to the customers DryCycle of any such component at the customer’s original delivery address (if this is reasonably practicable), or at the Guarantor's Bedford site, providing that this is within the territorial scope of this Guarantee. Consequential costs or losses are not covered.


The term ‘manufacturing defects’ as used in the Guarantee refers to components that have not been correctly manufactured at the time of manufacture and have subsequently failed during normal (non-commercial) use.

The term ‘fail’ as used in the Guarantee means to prevent the DryCycle from being safely used in normal (non-commercial) use.

This does not affect the statutory rights of consumers, or exclude or restrict the liability of the Guarantor for death or personal injury caused by negligence, or for fraudulent misrepresentation.



  1. Any claim must be made in writing and accompanied with a proof of purchase, details of failure and photographic evidence of failure.

  2. The DryCycle must not have been used for commercial purposes.

  3. The DryCycle must not have been used off-road, with the exception of paved cycle paths.

  4. No Guarantee is offered on products subject to abuse, negligence, improper use, modifications or attachment to equipment other than that sold by the Guarantor.

  5. The territorial scope of this agreement is the United Kingdom Only.



  1. Any DryCycle that shows signs of having been attached to a Trailer at any time.

  2. Any person claiming on the Guarantee other than the original purchaser.

  3. Scratches, dents or other impact damage not noted at the time of delivery during the delivery inspection. (As a further note to this, if your DryCycle is delivered with any dents or scratches that are unacceptable to you then please return it at the point of delivery for a full refund. As a low volume product some marks on the DryCycles are unavoidable due to the nature of production).


Guarantor’s name and address:

DryCycle Ltd

Dunster House

Factory 1

Elms Farm Industrial Estate

Caxton Road


MK41 0LF


E-mail: CS@DryCycle.co.uk

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