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One of the main reasons* for people choosing not to cycle more is due to our wonderful unpredictable British weather!

As the saying goes, 'There's no such thing as Bad Weather, just Bad Clothes', but neither of these will prove to be a problem when travelling by DryCycle. With it’s fully enclosed bodywork the DryCycle allows you to dress for success and not for a cycle ride. Protecting you from all the weather can throw at you, as well as dirt from the road, you’ll arrive at your destination fresh as a newly pressed daisy.

* Source- Cycling Surveys. On average the weather is the second most stated reason for not cycling more, safety is the first.

London Cycle Path

Our seat is unlike any other that you’ll find in the cycling world! It’s comfortably padded, and not in danger of parting your butt cheeks and wedging itself permanently inside you, as some racing bicycle seats seem intent on! It’s an OMP Car Seat, that's been modified by a professional local upholsterer to be suitable for the recumbent riding position. It has lots of lovely padding and a headrest to lean back against whenever you want to relax a bit. You can also put an optional car seat cover over it if you want to protect it from your sweat when working out on the way home at the end of the day, but the main point is that it’s Comfy! Really Comfy :) And since it's a car seat it can be quickly moved backwards and forwards on manual sliding rails and the backrest can easily be adjusted to whatever angle you desire. It even has a quick release function so that you can quickly pull the back rest forward to access the luggage area behind. 

With two 150 watt air heaters as standard, all DryCycles will warm you up in the winter.


You can even walk out to your Drycycle in the morning, turn on the heaters, then lock the canopy and leave it to demist and warm up before you set off, since the heaters are directed towards the front windscreen. These dual heaters can also work as simple fans, directing cooling air into the cockpit when the canopy is opened in it's vent position, so you get fresh air on a warm day as well, even when you have to stop at the lights.


The DryCycle also has additional heating options for those really cold mornings.

The heated handgrips have multiple settings so you can get them to a pleasant temperature allowing you to comfortably and safely steer your DryCycle without the encumbrance of gloves. The integrated heated seat is a quick way of getting even more heat into your body until you've warmed up from cycling, and then there are the heated wing mirrors, which may seem like an extravagance, but they save you from having to wipe ice or mist away on a cold winter morning, and will keep your mirrors clear in foggy conditions.

(The photos show the prototype design rather than the production version, we will change out these photos soon)

All DryCycles come as standard with externally coated Automotive Grade UVHC 3000K polycarbonate throughout the canopy (Which the Prototype in the video above is lacking - we'll update this video as soon as we can)


This coating is hygrophobic and repels water, and is also very resistant to scratches, as it's designed to be used on car headlights which can have wiper blades running over them, and have to resist stone impacts at motorway speeds.

The optional windscreen wiper and washer jet system will clear water away from your screen more quickly if you desire, and the washers will help you keep your windscreen clear of road muck. Just make sure you don't press the washer button when the canopy is open, unless you're feeling thirsty :)


Among the optional extras packs on a DryCycle you'll also find other creature comforts, such as the sunglasses holder and sun visors to help block out the glare from the sun.


On the right hand side of the dashboard you'll find Dual USB sockets that you can easily plug your phone into so that you can charge it on the go.


These are conveniently located next to the yellow handle grips which are the same diameter as bicycle handlebars at 22mm, so you can mount your phone with a bicycle mount to your dashboard and use it as a Sat Nav, for playing music, or any other reason whilst you're on the move.


On the rest of the dashboard you'll also find that you have indicator lights that tell you if you have any of the following external lights on at a glance:

Low Beam, High Beam, Left and Right Indicators.

Then on the left hand side of the dashboard you'll find a cigarette style charging socket, so that you can use/charge all your electronics by just plugging them in.

The 12 volt Ancillary battery powers everything except the drivetrain. Being Lithium Iron Phosphate, it's 4 times lighter than an equivalent capacity lead acid battery and a third smaller in size. Yet, it's 870wh capacity is enough to run the alarm and GPS tracker for almost two weeks, the lights for over 10 hours, both 150 watt heaters for over two and a half hours, or absolutely everything including all optional heaters, a phone charger and even another 150 watt heater plugged into the cigarette socket for almost an hour and a half.

When it comes to electricity use, heating is the most power hungry element, but with a DryCycle you'll be exercising inside the vehicle, so apart from the initial blast of heat that you may want for 10-20 minutes as you start off on a cold winters day you're unlikely to be using the heaters for more than a bit of background heat as you continue to ride. So this 870wh battery is more than what's needed for most users, of course we like to offer our customers something extra, so if you'd like to have two of these huge capacity batteries then you can specify that in the options.

Another great feature of these batteries is that they have a bluetooth function and mobile app so that you can keep an easy eye on your battery levels, live usage and charging data, and also be notified by bluetooth if the battery level is getting low and needs to be charged.

Additional 'Ancillary' Battery.png

We’ve fitted the DryCycle with a Forward/Neutral/Reverse Gearbox so that you can easily and quickly select the direction of travel.

The DryCycle is fully enclosed, so you can't put your feet down and push the vehicle backwards when needed, and getting out and turning it around manually just isn't a good solution, so with our gearbox you don’t need to do this.

The way in which we fitted the reverse gear is useful as well, as regardless of the direction of travel, the rider always pedals forwards.


This is more efficient for the rider and also means that the motor will always assist you in both forward and reverse.

So just in case you were wondering, the removable cut out sections in the footwell are for maintenance access, not for putting your feet through :)

The Neutral gear on the gearbox is very handy as well, as it allows you to change gear on the derailleur gears (1-11) whilst your DryCycle is stopped at a traffic light.

So, imagine that you've had to stop quickly for a red light and didn't have chance to change gears as you slowed down. Without this functionality you'd have a really hard time getting going again if your were stuck in a high gear, but with the Forward/Neutral/Reverse Gearbox, you just put it into neutral, change down to gear one or two on the derailleur, then pop it back into forwards before you need to set off again - genius, and super helpful.

The other great thing about having a neutral gear is for those few occasions when you need to do maintenance on a DryCycle. Being able to put the cranks arms so that they rotate freely whilst the DryCycle is flat with all four wheels on the floor is handy in numerous situations, it even works when the DryCycle is resting on it's back two wheels and you're accessing the underneath.

Prototype with Canopy off, in motion

If you're still looking for wind in the hair style cycling on those glorious hot sunny summer days then we've got you covered, or rather uncovered, as the Canopy for the DryCycle can be easily removed or replaced in under a minute.

First unlock the canopy using the remote 'fob' or by pressing the two lock release latches and let it rise up to it's open position, then unclick the quick connector for the wiring harness, and finally turn the 4 large Dzus quick release fasteners by a quarter turn whilst holding the canopy. Then carefully lift if off and store it in your garage whilst you take your DryCycle out in it's Roadster Mode. Just follow these steps in reverse when you're ready for weather proof cycling again.