We will deliver your DryCycle within a 100 mile radius of our factory in Bedford. If you live outside this radius but still within the United Kingdom you can purchase a DryCycle from us, but you will need to organise collection of it.

We will contact you once your vehicle is ready in order to organise a delivery date.


We generally deliver with a Tesla and Trailer to keep our carbon footprint low for those deliveries, though sometimes other vehicles may be used if a Tesla is not available at the time.  

We encourage customers to test ride a DryCycle before purchasing and even to inspect their own vehicle before buying it. Be aware that DryCycles are made by a combination of machines and by hand, and are not as perfectly finished as cars are. Car makers have had over 100 years to perfect their designs and automate their manufacturing techniques, we have not. Whilst we will take every care to make each vehicle to the best of our abilities the finish on our vehicles reflects this difference in manufacturing techniques. Uneven panel gaps and other imperfections are likely on a DryCycle, as shown in the videos and photos on our website. 

We will conduct a checklist of the DryCycle with you when the vehicle is being delivered and will ask that you check that everything about the vehicle which is defined by the checklist is present and correct and to your satisfaction and then sign to that effect, or refuse delivery if the vehicle does not meet your expectations. A copy of that checklist is available at


Please be aware that if you reject a DryCycle vehicle at the time of delivery we will bring the goods back to our factory and refund you, we will not offer you a replacement DryCycle vehicle as it is likely that your own standards are not in line with ours.


Due to the terms of our liability insurance provider we will not export any DryCycles outside of the UK. Sorry about that, but we have reasonably priced insurance and it is not worth the increase in costs to us to extend this insurance to worldwide.

If you would like to build our DryCycle design in your own Country under license then please contact us at and we can discuss selling the plans to you. Whilst the cost of our plans will be only a fraction of the cost that we have incurred in designing, developing and testing the DryCycle, that cost will still be many times the cost of one DryCycle, so please be aware that this will likely only be an option to you if you intend to make a lot of vehicles, it would be a very costly way of trying to own just one.

Apologies that we are not yet able to expand into other markets, but if we were to try to do so we would lose focus on actually making and selling the vehicles here in the UK. We hope that people who are interested in DryCycles in other Countries will follow us on Facebook and Youtube so that we can gauge the amount of demand elsewhere so that we know which markets to enter into next, please click the links below to follow or subscribe

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