We're selling our DryCycles - Prototypes, DryCycle Frameworks, Crash Tested DryCycle Frames and lots of Components that make up DryCycles, including Motors, Di2 Derailleurs, Batteries, Brake Systems, Seats, Electrical Components etc. etc. on: 17th July 2021 at Peacocks Auction House: https://www.peacockauction.co.uk/lot/drycycle

This will be your ONLY CHANCE to buy a DryCycle, so if you'd like one, or the parts/frame for one, make sure that you bid.


Watch the video below to find out how much all the components in a DryCycle have cost us to buy, or would retail for, to see why the retail price of £14,995 was always going to be a bargain price for a DryCycle!


When I first started designing the very earliest and most simple versions of the DryCycle I was hoping to be able to sell them for about £3000 each, as at that time I had no knowledge how much good quality components cost, or that such good quality components would be necessary as the cheaper ones we initially bought broke frequently during testing, lacked functionality or didn't meet the necessary regulations.


As it turns out, a consumer just trying to buy the Shimano components in a DryCycle would spend £2850 on just Shimano bits alone! We've taken five years to get to where we are now, and we're currently taking about 250 hours to make each DryCycle, so it's just not economic to sell them at our proposed retail price of £16,495 (for the optioned ones that we're currently making), so we will stop making them.

Selling off at Auction isn't the way I was hoping to get to a lower price, I was hoping that over time I could establish a market at a higher price point, whilst we were at low production volumes, so that I could prove the concept that a very energy efficient (just 20 watts per mile), cycle track and road legal, fully enclosed transport, offering regular exercise for the rider, was actually something people would be willing to pay for, and then once the market was established I could use those past sales as a negotiating tool to get prices down as we geared up for making a simpler version of the DryCycle in far higher numbers and benefit from the large economies of scale needed to get anywhere near those lower prices.


So, it is with some joy at least, that I think I will see some nice people benefit by selling them for such prices as I strongly suspect that the prices they will achieve at auction will be nowhere near the costs of making them, or even just the cost of the components in them.


Many of the lots for sale won't have a reserve price, and for those that do have a reserve, those reserves will be set far below the price that we've paid to buy just the component parts.


So bidders should be able to get really good bargains and hopefully enjoy the vehicles, and, in the case of the frames and other components for sale, the buyers can have a great basis of their own fun projects for a lot less than it's cost me to get here :)


Good luck to all at the Auction!

The vehicles you see in the video above are currently works in progress, as this was filmed a few weeks before the Auction.

Our Latest video is now shown below (filmed on 5th July 2021) with our two Mark X DryCycles being featured, which will be Lot 1 and 2 at the Auction on the 17th July.

Following on from these lots we'll also be selling the prototypes that have been featured in videos by GCN, Electroheads and Velo-Ads as well. https://youtu.be/9B0eXmbrBIo



As well as lots of different components, including: Wheels, Motors, Batteries, Di2 Derailleurs and wiring, Suspension, Frames, and much, much more.... Full details will be available at Peacocks Auction House in the coming days as the items are all catalogued https://www.peacockauction.co.uk/lot/drycycle