DryCycle will be available to reserve from 7th June when it launches at the Fully Charged Live Show.


DryCycle is a Fully Enclosed Electric Assist Pedal Cycle that is legal for use on roads and cycle paths, and offers a great personal transport solution for commutes and trips of up to 30 miles round trip. The maximum battery range is approx. 100 miles, but you might not want to pedal that far, so we think up to 30 miles as a round trip is realistic and will allow you to beat traffic on your commute by riding between lanes and on cycle paths, whilst keeping fit. The level of assistance can be turned right up for the trip into work when you may not want to work too hard, but you can then lower it on the way home, if you want to, to get a workout on the way back.

We’ve spent over two years developing and testing and we’re excited to reveal it for the first time to the Public at the Fully Charged Live Show.


Our web-site will go live at the same time as the show opens, so further details will be available then.


Look forward to seeing you there, where test rides will be available!


Deliveries of the first 20 DryCycles will be before winter 2019, we’re not looking for investments as similar product launches in the past have done, we’re looking for customers!


Come and give it a try we’re sure you’ll want one 😊